Sivdio Imaging Secures Contract for Four Data Centre Projects Amid Malaysia’s Booming Digital Infrastructure Landscape

Leading the Digital Infrastructure Revolution in Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur, 27 October 2023 – Sivdio Imaging Sdn Bhd, a leading provider of imaging and visual data acquisition technology in Malaysia, is proud to announce its latest milestone in the realm of data centre development. With two data centre projects already secured for construction monitoring, Sivdio Imaging is now set to embark on a journey that encompasses a total of six Data Centre development projects strategically located in Bukit Jalil, Cyberjaya, Nilai, and Sedenak in Malaysia.

The digital landscape in Malaysia is rapidly evolving, positioning the country as a regional data centre hub and a sought-after investment destination. This transformation is attributed to increased expenditures in digital infrastructure, including cable landing stations, underwater cables, 5G technology, and enhanced fiber connectivity. Hyperscale data centres, typically operated by global cloud service providers, and edge data centres, designed to serve local populations and infrastructure, collectively account for a significant 79% of the total demand in the market, making this sector one of the fastest-growing in the region.

Sivdio Imaging Sdn Bhd has seized this opportune moment to not only participate but also lead in the development of data centre projects in Malaysia. The company’s expertise, strengths, and unwavering commitment to quality align seamlessly with the demands of the burgeoning remote construction monitoring (RCM) sector. Here’s why Sivdio Imaging is uniquely positioned to excel in these projects:

  1. Innovative RCM Solution: Sivdio Imaging recently launched an enhanced Remote Construction Monitoring (RCM) solution, which leverages cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies. This RCM solution empowers the construction industry with a suite of digital tools that combine IP CCTV cameras and construction cameras with AI, machine learning, and smart digital dashboards.

  2. Improved Situational Awareness: Sivdio Imaging’s RCM solution enhances situational awareness on construction sites. By using visual data, it enables project managers to monitor progress, ensure health and safety compliance, and prevent theft. The ability to validate scheduled events with visual data sets Sivdio Imaging apart in the industry.

  3. Integration with Industry-Standard Software: The RCM solution is seamlessly integrated with popular project management software platforms like Procore, Autodesk BIM 360, and Autodesk Revit. This allows project managers to efficiently track various aspects of construction projects, enabling real-time decision-making based on reliable data.

  4. Construction Timelapse Capabilities: Sivdio Imaging’s RCM solution also offers the unique ability to produce construction timelapses, a valuable tool for both project management and stakeholder communication.

  5. Deep Industry Expertise: With a proven track record in imaging and visual data acquisition technology, Sivdio Imaging boasts a team of experts who understand the nuances and requirements of the construction industry in Malaysia.

  6. Quality and Reliability: Sivdio Imaging is renowned for its commitment to quality and reliability. This commitment is reflected in the solutions it provides, which are designed to meet the highest industry standards.

  7. Local and Global Reach: With a local presence in Malaysia and a global outlook, Sivdio Imaging is uniquely positioned to serve the growing demands of the data centre market in the country.

As Malaysia continues to assert itself as a prominent player in the digital infrastructure landscape, Sivdio Imaging stands as a key enabler in this transformation. With a focus on innovation, quality, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Sivdio Imaging is well-prepared to lead and succeed in these data centre development projects, marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards reshaping the construction monitoring landscape.

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About Sivdio Imaging Sdn Bhd:
Sivdio Imaging Sdn Bhd is a pioneering provider of imaging and visual data acquisition technology in Malaysia. With a rich history of innovation and a commitment to excellence, the company offers cutting-edge solutions for remote construction monitoring, aligning perfectly with the evolving demands of the digital infrastructure landscape in Malaysia.