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Want To Monitor Your Remote Project Construction Site Anytime, Anywhere?

Supporting Your Construction Industry by Monitoring Critical Parameters Real Time and Online

Real Time

Get a real-time view of your construction site from anywhere


The entire project’s is documented properly

Save & Secure

Can be used for review and revision of security measures

High Resolution

Producing high resolution image for your reviewing

Tell us if your organization is

Experiencing problems in the following areas

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Documenting management

Efficient management

Operational risk

Operational cost

Our Solution Will...

Convert Your Existing Construction Site CCTV Cameras Into Timelapse Construction Cameras

Our Technology Remote Construction Monitoring will benefit your company in the following ways



Proper documentation can prevent a variety of problems and provide evidence to prosecute or defend future litigation, thus our camera technology includes documentation of every single detail from start to end.


Project management

Using periodic project audits, the construction management team safeguards the owner against delays and cost overruns, making project management more reliable and efficient regardless of its location.

safety hazard

Enhances the safety and hazards program

Enables automated, continuous, real-time, and precise observations of construction site conditions, allowing for the timely monitoring of all types of hazards, unsafe conditions, and fatal accidents. 



Made construction projects very easy and hassle-free by providing an information about the construction project such as project quality, accuracy, and progress. 
Thus, minimizing any chances of errors, and delays, moving more toward the accuracy of the project.


Covers multiple areas

Improves the monitoring capacity and cover the entire site around the clock, which is impossible for a human to do. Accessible from anywhere, Sivdio Imaging provides a multi-user option for remote construction monitoring.


Weather tracking

Construction work is performed under the influence of external factors such as weather. The system collects and stores historical data throughout the project lifespan, which is helpful when planning projects that will be built over a period of several months or years.

How It Will Help Your Construction Site?

CCTV was a common sight on every construction site, but it only served as a surveillance monitoring tool without providing any additional advantages.

Using technology, we will bring a new method of project reviewing and management to the construction organization, all while bringing down unnecessary operation costs for your organizations.

Monitoring and tracking the performance of construction projects in industry is essential to achieving this goal, but it is often a difficult and complex task due to the constantly changing nature of the job site.

When collecting site performance data is streamlined, project participants such as owners, architects, engineers, safety, contractors, and subcontractors can increasingly rely on technologies to update data that is accessible from an unlimited number of devices and locations.

Construction management technology that can extract and apply data from still and video cameras focus primarily on controlling the measurement environment in which the cameras operate and analyzing the visual content they provide.

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We have worked with many different companies in the past few years

This companies have benefit a lot from our unique remote construction monitoring. 


We are unique because…


Our solutions have enabled this to be more practical in terms of scalability and implementation cost, thereby enabling a 360-degree transformation of your organization’s projects

Effective & Efficient

We employ a methodical approach to effective and efficient construction monitoring to make projects more streamlined, with higher-quality deliverables and lower costs.

Cost Effective

Cost-effective IP CCTV deployment that is integrated with OpticVyu technologies for enabling all required features to facilitate more effective project monitoring combined with Artificial intelligence-based PPE detection.

CCTV with solar


Sivdio Imaging extracts and applies data using CCTV, providing a systematic documentation database and a vast amount of space optimized for maximum impact in documenting construction activities.

Sharing & Consistency

Enable the sharing of regulatory information dissemination towards project owners, sub-contractor, government agency. Consistency in monitoring construction sites around the world around the clock.


No! The CCTV video streaming, local storage, event detection, or any other preconfigured settings will remain intact while integrating the camera with the cloud portal.

CCTV camera is an obsolete method of surveillance using low-quality videos with limited storage capabilities. Construction cameras offer the following advantages over CCTV cameras:

  • Unlimited storage capabilities
  • High image quality
  • Require low bandwidth to operate
  • Produces HD time-lapse videos
  • Wireless connections
  • Synchronization of mobile photos
  • Easy and streamlined tracking of past events
  • Captures images that can be annotated/marked and shared with concerned teams
  • Photos = Efficient, effective retrieval of information!

Yes. Image data from your CCTV will be securely uploaded to Amazon S3 servers & can only be seen by authorized users (with a valid ID and Password). All the images are securely called from our servers, and no one can access these images without valid login credentials. Also, your ID & password are transmitted to us in an encrypted form, meaning your login information is also secured. To add, a user may enable multi-factor authorization (MFA) to increase account security.

No! The CCTV video streaming, local storage, event detection, or any other preconfigured settings will remain intact while integrating the camera with the dashboard portal.

  • Images can be viewed online using the web gallery.
  • Users can download images from the gallery if configured to allow high-resolution downloads.
  • Images can be forwarded to a photo-forwarding location, such as Dropbox. From there, you can easily download your photos or transfer them to other devices.
  • For units with limited internet connectivity, photos can be saved to NVR. An on-site visit is then required to copy and delete the images from the drive before they reach their storage limit

Yes, provided the system has a stable power supply to allow it to take and upload photos during the night. If time intervals are fast, a solar panel alone may not provide enough power to shoot 24/7 continuously.

Copy of FA APPROVED SIVDIO latest edited

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