Aerial Generic Visual Inspection (GVI)


The introduction of drone inspection services has benefited asset operators across all industries significantly. Increased safety, efficiency, and cost savings as a result of fewer staff, equipment, transportation, and facility shutdowns. Inspection effectiveness has also grown significantly as a result of the ability to inspect broad areas quickly and easily, as well as greater inspection data accuracy and records, allowing for more accurate year-over-year comparisons. Reliable drone inspection teams can finish tasks that would have taken traditional inspection teams eight weeks to complete in five days.

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Our Solutions

In all scales, aerial photogrammetry produces topographic maps and/or orthophoto maps. It is particularly suited to big expanses or difficult to reach areas.


There are numerous applications for the digital mapping that is created, including:


A thorough overview of a territory, including GIS (Geographic Information System), DEM (Digital Elevation Model), DTM (Digital Terrain Model), DCM (Digital Canopy Model), and so on…

Prospective Clients

For hydrography and dams: topographic maps, preliminary effect assessments, determining hydraulic drop height, dam tank calculations, rising water level simulations, watershed computation, runoff, and so forth…


For infrastructure studies include: surface and volume estimations, among other things. Land use planning is a term that is used to refer to the process of deciding how to use a piece of land (civil engineering, Building and Public Works, architecture, urban planning), a street map that is simplified,


Lines of communication (roads, motorways, rail, canals, etc.),
Transport of information and energy (power lines, fibre optic cabling),


Developing renewable energies (wind turbines and solar panels), pipelines, and other projects relates to energy sector.


A wide range of natural hazards are studied, including gravitational hazards (rockfall trajectory mapping and trajectography), flood risk mapping, deformation monitoring (land slides and material transport, cliff erosion), and emergency surveying following a major event…


Quarries and mines: site monitoring, volume estimates, site evaluation, and site rehabilitation are some of the services available.


Environmental studies include: determining the environmental impact of a project, consulting, expertise, and land use project simulations, among other things.

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